Children’s Ministry Resources

image1Children Finding Faith
Francis Bridger (CPAS, SU)

How can we help children know God? Bridger looks at the ways in which children develop physically, mentally and emotionally, and shows how these insights can help us share the gospel more effectively with children.


image2Every Child a Chance to Choose: The Challenge of Children’s Evangelism
Penny Frank (CPAS / Children’s Ministry)

How do we give all children the opportunity to discover Jesus and to respond to Him? Why has the number of children attending church in this country dropped dramatically over the last 40 years? Penny Frank looks at critical issues for children’s ministry today.


image3Mission-shaped Children: Moving Towards a Child-centered Church
Margaret Withers (Church House publishing)

A book that explores how the dramatic cultural, social and economic trends of recent years have impacted on children’s lives and how this affects the Church; Written in an engaging style, “Mission-shaped Children” contains many real life case studies, practical examples and questions for discussion.


image4Postmodern Children’s Ministry: Ministry to Children in the 21st Century Church
Ivy Beckwith

This practical, thought-provoking book presents a new paradigm for children’s ministry in the emerging 21st century and explores how churches are currently putting that vision into practice. Advocating the need to regard children as full participants in their faith communities, the book provides strategies for building intergenerational community where children feel they belong and have the opportunity to serve.


image5Learning Styles
Marlene LeFever (Kingsway)

LeFever looks at how people (not just children) learn and how we can most effectively reach them as deliverers of the Gospel. There is no right way or wrong way, but this valuable resource. This is the book for anyone who wants to discover more about how they think and learn, and how to best communicate with others of all learning styles. It is clear, well set out and easy to follow.


image6Working with Under 5s: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know About….
Judith Wigley (S.U) ( Also titles working with 5-7 and 8-10)

A brilliant book for all busy children’s workers. It’s jam-packed with very practical information in a highly accessible, easy-to-read format, plus photocopiable pages. Part 1 helps adults step inside the world of the child and understand their spiritual and physical development. Part 2 contains all the practical advice; planning and running programmes, using the Bible, prayer, worship and lots more.


image7Messy Church

Lucy Moore

“Messy Church” aims to create the opportunity for people to have fun together and enjoy the experience of being part of the extended church family through a range of craft activities, storytelling, worship and simple homemade meals. Based on two-hour sessions for people of all ages, for each session the book includes: Bible reference and background, recipes for the meal, ten theme-related craft activities with suggested ‘talk about’ ideas, and an outline for the concluding act of worship.


image8Messy Church 2
Lucy Moore

“Messy Church 2” explores the importance of discipleship, faith development and training for leadership. The material includes insights into the theology of the sacred in the ordinary and ideas for practical ways to promote a sense of fellowship and community. Moving Messy Church on through quality worship, reflective storytelling, creative crafts and prayers, recipes and easy-to-learn songs. It explores the implications of being church, rather than a children’s club, including child protection issues.


image9All-age Worship [Paperback]
Lucy Moore

This is not a resource book but a ‘big picture’ look at ‘all-age worship’ – what it means, and how it works. It challenges the idea that worship needs to be segregated by age in order to ‘work’. It includes examples of all-age worship service outlines. It is suitable for church leaders, especially those nervous about doing ‘all-age’! It is also useful to those involved with children’s ministry, and those training for church ministry; theological college tutors in the area of worship and pastoral care.


image10Special Children Special Needs
Simon Bass (Church House Publishing)

This book gives information on how to integrate children with disabilities and special needs into your church’s worship and children’s programmes and activities. Among other things, it provides advice on: inclusive language; supporting families; practical issues and specific special needs.


Scripture Union (need to register or buy )

Bible-based learning resources for children, young people and adults.
Light is ideal for use with junior church on Sundays, in midweek Christian groups, at youth clubs and with children’s prayer groups.
Bubbles 5yrs and under, Splash 5-8 , Xstream 8-11, the grid 11-14 and
substance 11-18



(Church of England) (need to register or buy)

Common Lectionary based resource, offering a subscription service for dated material. Resources are structured around the lectionary.




image13Living Stones – Complete Resource Book Year A (B and C)

Living Stones has ideas, outlines, intercessions, photocopiable worksheets, mini-dramas and much more. Separate books are available for each age group all of which contain photocopiable worksheets: Pebbles (infants), Rocks (6-10) and Boulders (11-14).




image14Urban Saints (need to register)

A stream of adaptable, creative, biblically-based meeting plans for 5-7s, 7–10s, 11–14s and 15-18s. Create your own lesson plans from different themes.


image15Child Evangelism Fellowship
Loads of Biblical teaching materials and resources. American in design and influence.


image16Go Teach

Teaching material for beginners 3-4yr, primaries 5-7yr, juniors 8-11yr and young teens 12-14yr. Each book contains the material to teach 15 Bible lessons plus ideas for a family service.


image18TNT Ministries

An extensive range of Sunday School material covering 18 months to 14 years of age