Creative Prayer – Take Heart









Take Heart Prayer Reminders

Draw a heart on a stone.  Pray for courage and strength for the journey ahead:

  1. for those closest to you – family, friends and neighbours
  2. for those who point the way – our teachers
  3. for those who are in leadership – our government and community leaders
  4. for our weakest members – babies, the elderly, those who are ill or grieving
  5. for yourself

Carry the stone in your pocket this week.  Every time you grasp it, remind yourself of this truth:

God is Here.  Take Heart.  Do not be afraid.

If families are connecting with the service from home, invite them to hide some of their stones with hearts in dark places in their house and then invite the children to search for the stones in a treasure hunt.  When they find them, they are reminded that God is with them, even in dark places, and to take heart.