Children & Families Ministry Health Check App



To download the Health Check please click the image above. 

No matter what activities and facilities you have in place for Children and Families it is always good to review that provision, particularly in our ever-changing world. The needs of families in your area will change, the congregation will change, and volunteers come and go.

Our health check App helps you as a Church to view your Children and Families ministry with fresh eyes, to discuss with those who lead and most importantly to hear from those who are active participants – children and parents/carers alike. You can download the app onto your device or laptop or simply complete a section at a time and use the browser.

Start by gathering a small group that reflects this area of ministry and those who support it, work through each section of the Health Check and allow time to listen to each person’s thoughts. Once completed those of you involved in leadership can progress to the Vision and Strategy areas of the app/pdf. This is an important stage in your health check as it ensures that you don’t just start programmes for the sake of it, but that it all fits together as a road map grounded in prayer with a clear vision in mind. It will help you to answer very practical questions: What, Where, Who, When & How much.