Back to School All Age Service

This all age service works in tandem with the Family Faith Locker but equally can be run independently. The focus of the service is on our talents and what we can use for God’s glory during the year, the core message applies to everyone even if they are not in school so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have many Children in your congregation the message will still be relevant to everyone there. You can also alter the message to use as an assembly if you wish.

The service outline includes all the graphics below and the backpack blessing tags which can be re-sized, printed and laminated, or if you’re feeling creative you can print them onto shrinky dink paper which can be bought at Baker Ross or Art supply shops then attached to the student’s backpacks.

To access the service click here: Back to School All Age Service

To access the Backpack blessing click here: Backpack Blessing

For the labels which school students, University students and teachers / support staff use in the service click here:

Teacher Name School Pupil Name Student Name