Bible Buddy Adoption Pack


This is a fun way to help families engage in reading the Bible together and can be adapted to suit your situation, age group and even the time of year!

Bible Buddies are small toys which a child adopts and promises to look after. The main difference to any other toy is that this buddy needs feeding – not with pet food but with the word of God! You can incorporate this into an all age service, at the end / start of a camp or just as a stand alone event to draw the families to church. We recommend using the small TY teeny or beanie boo / squishaboo toys for affordable options that come in a variety of colours and animals, but work with your budget and shop around to find what is best. The key however is to ensure that one child is not getting a larger toy than any other.

The pack includes:

  • A poster which you can put your details into or use on social media.
  • A care guide for the children to learn how to look after their pet.
  • A bible reading guide – the first week has the verses already written out, then there are suggestions for the following weeks.
  • Drawing / writing pages which are for the children to express in their own ways the things that the Bible verse makes them think / feel. Remember there is no right or wrong with this it is about allowing the child to respond to the Bible in their own way.

Click on each image above to download the resource.

You can also download the Christmas and Easter packs: