Children’s Ministry Summer Kindness Bumper Edition Newsletter

This was a bumper edition of the newsletter from a few years back but it’s full of some fantastic ideas and really lovely things to read so can be used any time!

Immerse yourself in all 5 sections exploring God’s kindness and our own call to kindness towards ourselves and towards others.

Take a look section by section here:

Learning Kindness COI-Childrens-Ministry-SUMMER-Newsletter-sec-1

Preparing the Soil COI-Childrens-Ministry-SUMMER-Newsletter-sec-2

Sowing Seeds of Kindness COI-Childrens-Ministry-SUMMER-Newsletter-sec-3

Nurturing Kindness COI-Childrens-Ministry-SUMMER-Newsletter-sec-4 (1)

Spreading Kindness COI-Childrens-Ministry-SUMMER-Newsletter-sec-5