Creative Prayer

pray imagePrayer is a simple and a tricky concept at the same time.  Simple because it is just you talking to God.  Tricky because our concept of conversation involves the visible presence of two people who talk and listen, back and forth, to develop the conversation.

With children, it is important to allow them space amidst all the noise and the movement of life to take time to talk to God.  The emphasis here is that God loves them, He is with them always and so He is always listening.  No matter where they are or how they feel they can talk to Him and He can bring them comfort and help them feel safe and loved.

Creative Prayer Ideas in a Manual!  Why reinvent the wheel?  Here the Church in Bristol has put a huge amount of effort into creating this wonderful resource that collates many many different prayers for use in Sunday Club, Mid week programmes and All Age Worship Services.  Click on the link to be taken directly to the PDF:  Creative Prayer Manual