Easter Garden Ideas

Here we have put together a few different Easter Garden ideas that might suit a variety of contexts and access to materials.








1. ChristChurch Cathedral have put together a fantastic DIY video and accompanying prayers click here for the video and the prayers can be downloaded here: EasterGardenPrayers






2. Edible Easter Garden Crafts

As always the wonderful Lynn Storey creating Easter gardens from digestives topped with Jammy dodgers, icing sugar and mini eggs or digestives topped with half a mini donut and a mini oreo!  Which will you choose?








3. Eatable Easter Garden – we are nabbing this from a parish facebook page called ChristChurch Little Stars who also do a ‘Part 2’ for this simple grow garden and add different crafts and symbols to their garden to help tell the story of Easter:

The craft is in 2 parts as it will take about a week for the cress to grow.
1 egg box and a tray or plastic container to put the egg boxes on.
1 stone or pebble from the garden
Cress seeds (available at the supermarket )
Cotton wool kitchen roll.
A yoghurt pot (optional)
Place cotton wood in the egg box or scrumpled up kitchen roll( if allergic to cotton wool) doesnt work as well though. Put on a tray or in a plastic container.
Wet the cotton wool and sprinkle seeds on it.
Place a stone in the corner and a yoghurt pot behind it.
Now sit back and watch the seeds sprout. Make sure they are watered everyday. I found morning and evening best. It took about 2 day to start sprouting with the cotton wool but longer with kitchen roll.