Foil Prayers – Bringing our Experiences to God

Foil Prayer (adapted from Flame Creative Ministries)

Here is a hands on way for praying and bringing our experiences to God, acknowledging our pain and also our gratitude for those who walk with us when things are hard.

You will need:

6x6cm squares of aluminium foil – one for everyone in the service.

Remember – you can recycle the foil afterwards.


  1. Hold the piece of foil and look at the shiny side.  Say thank you to God for good things in your life.
  2. Screw the foil into a loose ball (don’t make it too tight or you won’t be able to straighten it out) Think about when times have been tough for you or for people you love and you have been left feeling crumpled: ask God to help you and be with you.
  3. Smooth the ball out so that the foil is back into a square (or as close as possible).   Thank God for people who help us when we need it- parents, teachers, medical staff, friends and any others that children can name.  Pray that God will bless these people and pray that we will also be people who help others and show them love.
  4. Hold the uncrumpled piece of foil up. Notice that the creases remain and make a beautiful design on the foil. Take time to think about how our experiences can change us. Ask God to show help us see beauty when all we can see are creases
  5. Mould the foil into the shape of…
  • The initial letter of the name of someone or somewhere you’d like to pray for
  • a shape that symbolises something you’d like to pray for
  • Hold the shape and ask God to help and bless that person/place/situation.

Say ‘Amen’ together.