Hand on Heart – you are loved


This super simple download can be used either for Easter or Valentines day. If you click either of the images above it will download a simple pdf with the image of the heart and John 3:16. Print off however many you need, then what almost every child loves to do – dip their hands in paint and make handprints to match the shape of the heart – be careful not to use too much paint and try to position the hands carefully inside the heart and around the cross.

Then you can give the children blank paper and let them have fun with the squishy paint making squishy pictures just for fun!  (my favourite part!!) 

The heart picture can be used as a take home Easter / Valentines card or you could even go one step further and frame them as mementos to give as a gift to parents.

You can also download the picture as an image file so you can make it whatever size you need – simply click HERE