Harvest Crafts


God of all Creation, who made the sun and stars, land and seas, has no beginning and no end.  Using a black A4 page, paste ripped pieces of coloured paper in circles to remind us of all the different parts of Creation and to remind us of the Creator, who is forever and ever.







Children are the crown of God’s Creation.  Staple dried Autumn leaves or coloured in template leaves to a piece of card which the children can wear as a crown to remind them that they are important and that even though there are so many part of Creation that are amazing, they really are the icing on the cake!





harvest-craft3Using a large piece of card or paper draw a tree trunk.  Invite the children to add the leaves as a reminder that life changes, seasons change but God’s love for us always remains the same.  An alternative to this is to use small templates of hands as the leaves onto which they can write or draw their prayers and then stick them onto the tree trunk.  This can be a lovely display for the church.