Make Yourself at Home (MYAH) – Supplementary Resources


Make Yourself at Home is a Church of Ireland Children’s Ministry Resource that enables parishes to identify all the areas in which they are welcoming to children and their families, then select some areas where they want to improve or make changes and then take action in a timeframe that suits them.

The pack contains step by step guides as to how to audit, acknowledge and act by looking through fresh eyes at the parish in terms of its Facilities, its Services, its Activities and its People.  It also provides lots of Top Tips and some more detailed examples of ways to implement effective change.

If you have acquired an MYAH pack, you may wish to add your own logo or contact details to the Letter of Invitation and the Children’s questionnaire so we have provided them here as downloads:

MYAH Letter of Invitation

Children’s Questionnaire

When you gather a team of people to begin the initial programme, it may be helpful to use this great MYAH video as you open and explore your pack together:

We will be adding more resources here, as we get feedback from parishes about what would be useful in conjunction with the MYAH packs.  So please do get in touch and share your experiences with us.