Nativity Photo Booth

If you’ve been to any wedding or event in the past few years you’ve surely seen or been in a photo booth picture! They can be great fun and using our Nativity Photo booth set can be a fun way to engage your families at Christmas services, parties and even just to have at the back of Church for visitors to enjoy!

The set can also be used in Sunday Clubs as a way for the children to engage in the Christmas story. Each child can choose a prop and as you listen to the story ask them to wonder about what their character was thinking / feeling.

Another way to use it is in a family service, giving out the props to the congregation, or have them ready on random seats / pews. As you read the nativity story ask the angels /Mary / Animals / Shepherds etc to stand and make a noise with their props whenever their character is mentioned.

Download your pack here: Nativity Photo Booth Full Pack