Pentecost doves and flames

Illustrated Ministries (see image above) have a free beautiful Pentecost Colouring page: Illustrated Ministries Pentecost Colouring Page 

You can adapt this colouring page to make a craft: ‘It can be used to make a headband, stuck on a lollipop stick to wave around, you can add strips of red, yellow, orange tissue/crepe paper, or even put it onto bamboo and stick it in the garden….How will your child respond to the story? ‘

Strandz have compiled videos to watch and to learn all about Pentecost.  They include a video on Jesus Ascension from Saddle Back kids and a great explanation of Pentecost from ‘What’s in the Bible?’

There is also a video from the Bible Project which is suitable for older children and teens. 

Scroll down further for some Pentecost craft templates – we love the flame/dove craft and the flying flames.

Flame Creative Ministries has built up a wealth of resources for exploring Pentecost over the years.

We love the playdough prayer mat, the Pentecost Spinners, the fork painting and the pass the parcel Pentecost game!