Plates of pLENTy

Click the image above to download the resource pack

Plates of pLENTy is a mostly child-led resource which helps them to consider practical ways to respond to Lent other than the usual giving up of chocolate.

There are 4 empty plates which focus on 4 key themes through Lent:

  • A plate to Serve others
  • A plate to Give (to those around you or to God)
  • A plate to Love the world we live in
  • A plate to help us think about the way we Live

Although there are a few ideas on the plates, each child can think about the response they want to give to this challenge. There is space on the plate to encourage reflection on the action they chose and what they learned/what God revealed to them during that time. They can either pick one plate for the whole of Lent or complete them all during the 40 day period.