Pots of encouragement

This is a super easy and simple activity for children young and old to give as a gift to those who help them to grow be it physically or spiritually or both!
They can be used for Mothers day or as gifts for any day. All you need are some clean jam jars with labels removed – or any jar / pot you choose.
Print the labels and Bible verses. Children can write their names on the labels and draw pictures if they choose. Glue the label to the front of the pot.
Cut out the bible verses, children can then roll or fold them and place into the jar.

You might choose to add small amounts of table confetti into the pot – such as little hearts or if your pots are large you could put some wrapped sweets for the recipient at
the bottom and the verses on top. Children can decorate the pots / jars with stickers etc. You might also choose to tie some ribbon around the pot for an extra special touch.

Download by clicking HERE