Steps through Lent

You are invited to take Steps through Lent together. There are two parts to the resource:

  1. Steps…A printer friendly resource that you can use at home, in church or even at school. For each day of Lent there are footprints to choose and a prompt to talk together – children and adults – about how you might each take this step.  For example with the step of Grace, you would think about something you might need to say sorry for, or someone you need to forgive. Each person then chooses to either write down or draw a picture of what they will do. If you have a cross you could stick or lay the footsteps as a pathway leading to the cross, or gathered around the cross.
  2. Intergenerational talk & Messy Church ideas. This talk can be used as it is or you can adapt it to suit your needs. You can use the talk to introduce the “Steps through Lent” to your congregation. Encourage them to bring in their steps so you can lay them in a pathway to the alter or cross in your church or school. At the end of the talk we have some simple ideas for ways to use the talk in Messy Church.

Download by clicking on the pictures here:

Steps:                       Talk: