Sunday 28th June and Summer Planning Resources

Lectionary Based Resources for this Sunday:

ROOTS: Focuses in on Matthew 10:40-42 and welcoming others as if you are welcoming Jesus.  The activity sheet is here: ROOTS 28-june-2020-childrens-sheet Welcome

TatH: Focuses on Abraham and Isaac and God keeping His promises, the activity sheets with ideas for all the family to engage with are here: 28th June TatH lectionary based Resource

We also like how Together@Home has emphasised a Biblical Perspective on Justice and Fairness to help families discuss important issues together.  This week’s example is here: Justice and Fairness – a Biblical Perspective


Holiday Clubs:

Connor Diocese – Cabin Fever Holiday Bible Club.

This online club will have a science theme led by ‘The Professors,’ and will link into the story of Noah, who must have suffered extreme cabin fever in that ark for a year!!

Jill Hamilton, Connor Children’s Project Development Officer, said: “If you have suffered a bit of cabin fever yourself over the last weeks, you will be able to identify with the theme!”

The material will be ready for early August and will be premiered on YouTube. Watch out for more details.


Down and Dromore Diocese – Forky’s Great Escape

You can organise this Holiday Bible Club in whatever way suits best as all the elements we’ve prepared are separate – talks, reflection time, quiz, prayer activities, craft activities etc.

Run it as a one–off HBC or on 6 weeks of Sundays (or week days) the last being a drive–in cinema where the families watch toy Story 4 with treats and an epilogue.

Coming to a screen near you at the end of June!


Scripture Union – All the information and downloads to run your own holiday club are here:


CEF Truth Catchers Online Club can be found here:


A Summer of Kindness:

Check out the Church of Ireland Children’s Ministry Bumper Newsletter full of ideas for you and your family to practise kindness throughout the Summer: