Welcome Families Flyer

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Church is meant to be a family, of all ages, all backgrounds and all abilities, all fully participating in life, worship and growth. When we do quieten our inner control freak what happens may well be messy, not neatly coloured between the lines, and noisier than some might prefer…but it is full of life, expression, connection, sharing, learning from each other…family!

If this is something you genuinely want for your Church then it needs to be communicated and adopted by the whole congregation – especially those whose inner control freak might “tut” or “shush” instead of smiling and supporting families with children. Help them to see this welcome from a new perspective.

You may have something similar in your church, but to help families feel welcomed and Children accepted you can print this welcome flyer to give to families as they enter and place around the Church to help the congregation also remember how impactful – both positively and negatively – their reactions are.