Where your treasure is

It’s hard to escape the little fella and his pot of gold during St Patrick’s Day, but how can we turn the wee man into a helpful teaching tool ?! 

Well, we’ve had a go at least! Based on the verse Luke 12:34 (Click on the image of the pot to download the pdf) 

“Where your treasure there your heart will be also.” This resource uses the pot of gold and the coins to help teach about what is truly of value.

Asking the question what things are most important / special to you? It could be toys, sports, tv, devices, make up, animals etc. The children take a coin for each thing they love and write it down, then stick it on the pot of gold.

We can then explain that while these things are all good in their own way, Jesus taught us that God’s love is far more precious than anything on earth and that we should make sure we don’t allow the things of earth distract us from spending time with God. His love is a far greater treasure and lasts for eternity.