Wonder Prayers – Labyrinths

As we journey through this day, through Advent, through our lives, the wonder of it all is that the God who created the universe – the shooting stars, the galaxies, the things so small we can only see them with microscopes, the every day wonders, the once in a lifetime wonders – that same God wants to journey with us, and stays with us, even when our path wanders from his Big Plan or our thoughts get caught up in worry or busyness.  Notice now, how He is with you as you journey through the labyrinth – how he stays whether you are focused or distracted – and how he is inviting you into new life in Him with every step of the way.

We love this finger labyrinth template from Flame Creative Ministries:

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Finger labyrinths

For more simple labyrinth ideas that might be suitable depending on the context, visit http://flamecreativekids.blogspot.com/search/label/labyrinths